Teaching for Excellence PD Booklet



Teaching for Excellence™ PD Booklet Contains the Following:

  • Commitments to Learners
  • Teaching Challenges and Recommended Search Topics for Possible Solutions
  • Twelve Big Idea Graphics for Raising Achievement
  • 32 Slides Depicting Powerful Teaching Tools and Strategies
  • Learning Support Station Example with 107 Instructional Tools
  • Activity Support Sheets for
    • Concept Sheets for Building Understanding
    • Dice Game with Geography as an Example
    • Bracket Buster for Building Understanding
    • Calendar Template for Depicting Pre and Post Instruction
    • Six Key Connections
    • Concept Bundles
    • Alphabet Boxes
    • Visual Instant Replay with 15 Big Ideas
  • When Will I Ever Need This – Value Table
  • Teaching for Excellence Glossary
  • High Yield Beliefs, Strategies and Tools
  • Getting Started Tips and Planning
  • Tips for Sharing Back Home