Teaching for Excellence™ Book




Essential concepts, strategies, techniques and processes for ensuring performance excellence for all kids.

Teaching for Excellence is an approach based on the following premises:

  • All students can learn well
  • Students must learn essential content to maximize their choices and opportunities
  • All students must be taught to their maximum potential, and potential can never be used as an excuse to limit learning and expectations
  • Students must learn to meet standards and, as such, they must be coached until they do
  • Most adults and adolescents are effective teachers when teaching loved ones content they value outside of school
  • Teaching practices and approaches typically found in school were never effective for all students and often lead to inadequate learning, failure of students to reach standards, and a general lack of preparation for the world beyond school
  • Typical teaching practices and approaches throughout school are highly dependent upon support from the home
  • The most effective teachers can, and typically do teach students to excellent levels regardless of the support from the home

The purpose of this essential resource is to provide the critical tools shown to be effective in profoundly increasing student achievement, not only with content but also with the standards and expectations that will be demanded of students throughout life.

PEAK is a commitment to Performance Excellence for All Kids and draws upon the best, research-supported practices to ensure student success. The understanding and use of the Six Keys is the essential component ensuring maximum levels of performance for all kids. Effective use of Parallel Assessments for Mastery of critical objectives is the single most important component that produces significant gains in student achievement within the first year of implementation.