The Teaching for Excellence™ Model

Premises of the PEAK Methodology

“Our kids are worth whatever it takes!”
Teach: (verb), to cause other to gain knowledge, skills, or understanding they do not already possess.

Until students have met the standards for the learning objectives, it cannot be said that the teacher has finished teaching or that the teacher has taught the objectives.

Founded in 1994, the team at PEAK Learning Systems has spent over 40 years researching and developing the PEAK (Performance Excellence for All Kids) Teaching for Excellence Model™. This model integrates the effective works of the nation’s leading educators, researchers, authors, school systems, and classroom teachers into a comprehensive approach to classroom curriculum, assessment and instruction with proven results. It is an essential teaching and learning process that helps K-12 teachers, schools, and districts succeed with students.

  • All students can learn well.
  • Students must learn essential content to maximize their choices and opportunities.
  • All students must be taught to their maximum potential, and potential can never be used as an excuse to limit learning and expectations.
  • Students must learn to meet standards and, as such, they must be coached until they do.
  • Most adults and adolescents are effective teachers when teaching loved ones content they value outside of school.
  • Teaching practices and approaches typically found in school were never effective for all students and often lead to inadequate learning, failure of students to reach standards, and a general lack of preparation for the world beyond school.
  • Typical teaching practices and approaches throughout school are highly dependent upon support from the home.
  • The most effective teachers can, and typically do, teach students to excellent levels regardless of the support from the home.


In pursuit of Performance Excellence for All Kids, we are dedicated to the success of teachers and students. PEAK workshops and in-services are action-packed, research-based, and fun and theoretically sound. Not only do we “walk-the-talk” but we ensure that learning is meaningful, practical, and immediately usable.

Evidence of Impact

The Teaching for Excellence™ Model

The Teaching for Excellence™ model is focused on and driven by one thing, Performance Excellence for All Kids (PEAK). This comprehensive models goes far beyond the narrow focus provided by most approaches to improved instruction. Too many models do a good job with a singular aspect of good teaching and miss the impact it causes and the impacts that remain of the many other aspects of instruction already in place. To reach the Performance Excellence for All Kids, we must move beyond a band-aide or a singular focus approach and look at achieving the goal holistically. Since Performance Excellence for All Kids is a goal for education that has typically not been a reality in schooling, we have looked beyond to find an over-arching idea or philosophy that would best provide a means to our desired end. What if we were to teach in school as if we were teaching that same content to our own children at home? What if we were teaching in school the way we would if we were coaching a complex performance such as football, basketball, soccer or volleyball?
When we examine what this level of teaching has in common with this type of coaching, we find a commitment to long term success. This commitment plays out through eight primary domains that overlap and combine to drive the selection and application of strategies, tools, techniques, protocols and other day-to-day and unit-to-unit actions. In both of these arenas, we find that much of what is done to ensure learning varies considerably from typical classroom practices.

Benefits for Teachers and Students


  • Evidence-Backed
  • Research-Supported
  • Brain-Compatible
  • Increase student motivation, engagement and learning
  • Build and maintain a classroom environment in which students work harder and learn better
  • Reduce discipline problems
  • Deepen understanding
  • Prepare students to excel on state, advanced placement and other major system level assessments
  • Use formative and summative assessment to simplify teaching
  • Improve the quality of student work
  • Increase student accountability
  • Use assessment to teach and boost motivation, achievement and retention
  • Grab students’ attention and keep it
  • Give directions so every student follows them correctly
  • Use feedback effectively
  • Use every minute of class effectively
  • Engage more students to deeper levels
  • Reach challenging new standards
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  • Reach higher standards and reduce achievement gaps
  • Make teaching easier and more rewarding
  • Impact students thought to be unreachable
  • Learn how to proactively and profoundly impact learning