Spence Rogers

Creator of the PEAK Teaching for Excellence™ Model, Spence is consistently praised for his ability to model and teach the very best research-supported, evidence-backed practices integrating curriculum, instruction and assessment. An award-winning teacher with more than 40+ years experience, he is a highly sought-after consultant, conference and in-service presenter, author and teacher facilitating significant gains in student achievement across the country.

The Teaching for Excellence™ Model

Aligned to

  • The Framework for Teaching by Danielson
  • Marzano Teaching Evaluation Model
  • 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning™
  • and more

The PEAK Team tailors professional development and coaching to meet the needs and expectations of the schools or districts we are supporting. The content and duration are fit to match your situation. We model everything in an energizing, engaging, interactive environment. The depth and breadth of the following is determined by the time available from a few hours to weeks at a time.

Learn ways to…


  1. Motivation
  2. Engagement
  3. Participation
  4. Homework quality and completion
  5. Student accountability


  1. Student behavior
  2. Assessment results
  3. Your job satisfaction
  4. Your teacher evaluation results
  5. Student preparation for next steps


  1. Tardies & Absences
  2. Discipline challenges
  3. Number of students doing poorly on assessments
  4. Resistance & Apathy
  5. Stress from teaching challenges

Differentiate instruction easily to better challenge and meet the needs of more learners
Ramp students up to higher and more demanding standards and assessments
Bring PEAK to your School or District!

“I am a more effective teacher than I have ever been with more students achieving more than ever. And every time I come back, it keeps getting better!”Judy Wages, Biology Teacher, Bonners Ferry, Idaho
“PEAK has put the inspiration back in teaching.”Heather Grumley, Assistant Superintendent, Garfield SD Re-2 Rifle, CO
“There is nothing else out there as effective. 100% of our staff is progressing in the PEAK model.”Chris Reitan Superintendent Galena City School District Galena, AK
“…but here are the real statistics. During the 4 years that I was principal of METS, we:

  • had the second highest SAT scores in the county, beat district, state and national averages
  • went from 53 percent on grade level to 80 (3 years). The school would move to 90 (two years after I left)
  • increased to 96 percent graduation rate
  • achieved Highest growth scores (as calculated by the ABC program in North Carolina)
  • attained a 100 percent pass rate on the 10th grade writing examination.”

Ayindé Rudolph, Former Principal, METS, Charlotte, NC

Summer Institutes & Academies

Learn how many are making huge gains in learning, reaching the highest standards, and reducing achievement gaps!