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Effective teaching depends on solid principles and practices. PEAK institutes and academies model a comprehensive look at research and evidence-backed principles, concepts, strategies, tools and techniques that significantly impact student learning. Focus sessions are provided at longer events to ensure solid examples for varying content and grade levels.

In our events, we model and share a broad range of effective curriculum, assessment and instruction tools all driven by one purpose—reaching Performance Excellence for All Kids. Each teacher and instructional leader picks and chooses from the model their appropriate starting points as they begin or continue on their journey to exciting classrooms with achievement levels beyond their highest expectations.

Gain practical tools and strategies for meeting the expectations established by major teacher evaluation frameworks adopted across the country

Teaching for Excellence™ summer institutes and academies are enlightening, empowering and engaging experiences that profoundly increase educator effectiveness and student achievement. Combine your best practice with new thinking and tools that will work together to achieve extraordinary student success. This comprehensive approach incorporates the findings of the best researchers and thousands of successful implementing practitioners. It empowers educators to help every student succeed. Join the teachers, administrators, schools and districts that are producing huge achievement gains using this framework.

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Training within select Teaching for Excellence™ Institutes that teaches the critical next steps in implementation and how to effectively help educators work with all students using effective instruction and assessment practices.

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Effective instructional leaders require a broad vision and deep understanding of the most powerful ways teachers can raise achievement, while also discovering the common errors in what are typically labeled best practices, the options and challenges in implementation and the coaching of educators to vastly improved results. Impactful educational leaders develop a clear understanding of how district vision relates to building organizational leadership and how this vision promotes change. Leading for Excellence™, we will deepen and extend understanding of this as well as construct a clear understanding of where to begin in leading and supporting the implementation of Teaching for Excellence™. The training can be customized to meet the needs of each district or school. PEAK consultant, Steve Cousins, will lead the training. Total training is five days.

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