Coaching is a teaching, training and/or development process through which an individual is supported while growing toward and achieving a goal. To be most effective, coaching is on-going and built on a relationship of trust and mutual commitment. Effective and efficient growth comes from a strong commitment, focused effort, and expert coaching support every step of the way. Coaching sessions are available on a one-to-one and small group basis via on-site visits, phone, and Skype. PEAK Coaching consists of the following:

  • Initial goal and challenges assessment.
  • Site observations and regularly scheduled face-to-face coaching sessions.
  • Regular customized electronic communications.
  • Video/Skype sessions as needed.
  • Uploading of documents and materials for coaching communication.
  • Comprehensive leadership support – strategic planning for improvement, professional development and growth, district funds use and district financial planning.
  • Available access 355 Days a Year.