spence 6Spence Rogers

PEAK Founder

Dear Fellow Educators,

In pursuit of Performance Excellence for All Kids, we are dedicated to the success of teachers and students. PEAK Teaching for Excellence™ and Leading for Excellence™ workshops and in-services are action-packed, research-based, and fun and theoretically sound. Not only do we “walk-the-talk” but we ensure that learning is meaningful, practical, and immediately usable.


  • provides an effective leadership framework and tools for sustaining continuous improvement

  • integrates the effective works of the nation’s leading educators, researchers, authors, school systems, and classroom teachers.

  • forms a comprehensive approach to classroom curriculum, assessment and instruction with proven results.

  • is an essential teaching and learning process that measurably helps K-12 teachers, schools, and districts succeed with students.

Real achievement gains!

“…but here are the real statistics. During the 4 years that I was principal of METS, we:

  • had the second highest SAT scores in the county and surpassed district, state and national averages
  • went from 53 percent on grade level to 80 (3 years). The school would move to 90 (two years after I left)
  • increased to a 96 percent graduation rate
  • achieved highest growth scores (as calculated by the ABC program in North Carolina)
  • attained a 100 percent pass rate on the 10th grade writing examination.”
Ayindé Rudolph, Former Principal, Charlotte-Mecklenburg