Spence Rogers

PEAK Founder

Dear Fellow Educators,

In pursuit of Performance Excellence for All Kids, we are dedicated to the success of teachers and students. PEAK Teaching for Excellence™ and Leading for Excellence™ workshops and in-services are action-packed, research-based, and fun and theoretically sound. Not only do we “walk-the-talk” but we ensure that learning is meaningful, practical, and immediately usable.


  • provides an effective leadership framework and tools for sustaining continuous improvement

  • integrates the effective works of the nation’s leading educators, researchers, authors, school systems, and classroom teachers.

  • forms a comprehensive approach to classroom curriculum, assessment and instruction with proven results.

  • is an essential teaching and learning process that measurably helps K-12 teachers, schools, and districts succeed with students.

PEAK — Performance Excellence for All Kids

Real achievement gains!

“…but here are the real statistics. During the 4 years that I was principal of METS, we:

  • had the second highest SAT scores in the county and surpassed district, state and national averages
  • went from 53 percent on grade level to 80 (3 years). The school would move to 90 (two years after I left)
  • increased to a 96 percent graduation rate
  • achieved highest growth scores (as calculated by the ABC program in North Carolina)
  • attained a 100 percent pass rate on the 10th grade writing examination.”
Ayindé Rudolph, Former Principal, Charlotte-Mecklenburg

2020 Academies Cancelled

We regret having to cancel the 2020 Academies.

PEAK is committed to protecting the health and well being of educators.



Effective teaching depends on sound principles and practices. The Teaching for Excellence™ model provides a comprehensive exploration of research and evidence-backed principles, concepts, strategies, tools and techniques that significantly impact student learning.

“I am a more effective teacher than I have ever been with more students achieving more than ever. And every time I come back, it keeps getting better!”

Judy Wages, Biology Teacher, Bonners Ferry, Idaho

Transformed Classrooms

 Boost Student Achievement



Leading for Excellence™ is a game-changing exploration of how to successfully move your district, school or system to meaningful and continuous gains. You can realize extraordinary gains in student motivation, learning, and achievement.

“Steve is a natural leader, an effective communicator, and an inspirational coach. Organizational leadership is Steve’s passion and he has the keen ability to influence.”

Greg Helmer, Assistant Superintendent, Mona Shores Public Schools

Meaningful Long-Term Gains

Lead and Support Change

PEAK Successes

Over the last two decades, we have worked with teachers, schools, and districts from over 20 states to effect measurable and continuous gains in student achievement.

“There is nothing else out there as effective. 100% of our staff is progressing in the PEAK model.”

Chris Reitan, Superintendent, Galena City Schools, Galena, AK

I have been a proponent of PEAK strategies since the first time I was introduced to them over 6 years ago. At the time I was a curriculum coordinator serving over 6 middle schools. Our team immediately began to provide support to teachers and to promote the use and training whenever possible. Now serving as a principal, I have been eager to bring PEAK to my school for several years. This year I was final​​ly able to do that​.

Some testimonies from my staff:

“Thank you for consistently influencing a shift in teacher perspective and action to better meet the needs of every student.”

“It is amazing that we covered 45 easy to use strategies that will directly impact student learning.”

“I realized how many things I was doing that really aren’t effective for learning to take place, it is time to change.”

“I realized how important it is to make the classroom a safe and comfortable space for all students.”

“Non-linguistic responses are awesome!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my session. After 16 years of teaching, my eyes are open to new and improved ideas.”

Rachel Corn, Principal, Cochrane Middle School, Charlotte, NC

“This institute is the absolute best PD I have been a part of. I’m seeing results I used to dream about, and every time I reconnect, I get even more I can use!”

Matt Morton, Teacher, Starr Elementary School, Plainwell, MI

“Leading for Excellence has changed how we lead in our district! The process to effective leadership following the strategies is invigorating, exciting, and challenging. Our leadership team has been inspired to dig deep, critically think, engage positively with our staff, and model expectations. In 15 years, I have never been part of leadership professional development more effective!”

Jan Bayer, Assistant Superintendent, Kellogg School District #391, Kellogg, Idaho

“Steve excels when it comes to connecting people to ideas. His ability to articulate, demonstrate, and coordinate improvement initiatives is exemplary. He is a leader of leaders and teacher of leaders.”